Introducing Jen – CEO and Luxury Travel Designer at JEN Travel

20 Years of Experience in the Travel Industry:

Jen has two decades of experience in the wonderful world of travel. She did a week’s work experience in a travel agency in late high school which turned into working her weekends at her local Blue Mountains travel agency stamping travel brochures and assisting the travel consultants behind the scenes. On completing school, Jen completed a Certificate 3 in International Retail Travel.

Her travel career properly launched as a Cruise Product Assistant, followed by a number of years as an Information Officer at VisitBritain (the Australian office of the British Tourist Authority), then onto a Corporate Travel role for the NSW Government and finally a group and school travel specialist.

Fast facts about Jen

How did Jen discover her passion for travel?
Jen was introduced to the world of travelling when she was just 3 months old with her very first family holiday to Tasmania. She then moved to England for a six month stay during Year 10 of her schooling so her father could facilitate a temporary job transfer. Living in an old farmhouse just a mile from the gorgeous Cathedral city of Durham in the North East corner of England she enjoyed adapting to British school life during the week and then heading away for awesome weekend and holiday breaks exploring all sorts of nooks and crannies of England, Scotland and Europe. Talk about an introduction to world history and travel – she was hooked!

Why did Jen begin JEN Travel?
Jen had been a mobile travel consultant for a number of years before establishing JEN Travel in 2017. After years in the travel industry she wanted the flexibility to work around her growing family, and at the same time deliver highly personalised travel itineraries with the details that the standard travel agencies don’t allow, helping her clients achieve their dream travel experiences. JEN Travel is powered by Travel Partners – an ATAS Accredited Agency, ensuring all clients who book with Jen are backed by a quality and accredited agency brand.

Where can you find JEN Travel?
Fast forward to 2020, Jen has 5 beautiful children (3 boys and twin girls). Along with her husband, she enjoys living on acreage in the village of Kenthurst in the leafy Hills District of North West Sydney. Thanks to a couple of years of her husband transferring to Port Macquarie temporarily, Jen established an excellent rapport with the community there, working closely with Port Chamber of Business and Port Macquarie Council, she is still an active member of the Port Macquarie Business Community. Jen splits her time between her home office in Kenthurst, and the co-working space she shares in Port Macquarie.

Why should we travel?
Jen believes that travel is an important and vital part of every human being’s life. Travel broadens your horizons, it encapsulates your senses and it creates memories that last your lifetime. Even young children benefit from seeing how other cultures live and go about life. We can have so many things in life, but immersing yourself in the culture, surrounds and beauty of the world around us is what gives us the greatest joy.

The JEN concept is based on creating Journeys that Enrich and Nourish.

Why book with Jen?
Jen would be delighted to help you plan and book your upcoming holiday wherever you may be considering travelling to in this vast world. Jen specialises in immersive travel, helping her clients to find the reason for their travel and to ensure they make time for a balance of sightseeing, relaxing, activities and experiences that create memories to last a lifetime while at the same time keeping some time free to just relax and enjoy the time away from their home and restore their souls.

Jen’s motto in life is one of Dolly Parton’s quotes: “Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life”

JEN Travel

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